Samsung kicks off huge new Galaxy S22 series update with camera improvements

While it’s certainly not unusual for a new phone (or three) to run unpolished software at launch, exhibiting weird behavior of various types for many early adopters until one or two bug-fixing updates roll out, it seems relatively safe to describe the Galaxy S22 family as uncommonly glitchy.

For what it’s worth, Samsung is definitely working hard to change that image of its latest ultra-high-end handset trio, apologizing for the big performance throttling scandal a couple of weeks back and now reportedly kicking off the delivery of the newest over-the-air S22 series goodie pack.
In Germany, for instance, the only things mentioned before you install the nearly 1.4GB large update are overall stability improvements and the April 1 security patch. That’s different from what Samsung’s domestic users are apparently getting, which is said to include “improved camera usability” as well.
Of course, 1.4 gigs of security fixes and optimizations sounds… a little excessive, so there’s a very good chance the S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra will also receive something extra on the old continent. There’s only one way to find out for sure, and if you can’t do that just yet, you should probably wait a few more hours or a couple of days tops.

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