Here’s how to annoy @everyone on Facebook Messenger

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Meta announced several new features that Facebook Messenger is receiving today. The new features include new shortcuts, and a new command system that borrows features from other applications such as Slack, Discord, and Telegram. Users will now be able to ping and notify everyone in groups, send silent notifications, pay, and send gifs just by using slash commands.

In the latest feature update, Meta made it easier to trigger various actions using slash “/” commands. Another well-known feature allows users to tag users by using the “@”. Additionally, typing “@everyone” in a group message will also allow everyone to be notified. This is useful when asking everyone in the group a question, or making an announcement.

Facebook Messenger new features March 2022 Source: Facebook Messenger

Meta also announced new “/silent” shortcuts, which will allow everyone in group chats to be notified silently, without making loud notification sounds in the middle of the night, in case the user doesn’t have “Do Not Disturb” enabled on their devices. While typing “/silent” at the beginning of every message is less than ideal, it’s a great way not to interrupt everyone in a group chat. The two features will start rolling out today on iOS and Android.

That’s not everything. Facebook Messenger is also receiving a new “/pay” command that will allow users to send and receive money through Messenger. Users have been able to add their cards for many years, and the feature isn’t exactly new, but offering a new way to send funds over easily is a welcome addition.

“/gif” is also coming soon to iOS, although Facebook didn’t share if it will make its way to Android in the near future. Like the other slash commands, it will allow users to type in “/gif” and then include the search query that they’re trying to find. When typing “/gif party”, the application will show gifs related to celebrations and parties.

“/shrug” and “/tableflip” are also coming soon to iOS. The new command will allow users to put “(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻” and shrug “¯_(ツ)_/¯” emoticons more easily, without needing to use the built-in shortcuts in keyboard applications.

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